Meet an Inmate Review: Multifunctional platform for dating

We often forget about special groups of individuals, disregard their specific needs, and are oriented for a broad audience. Nonetheless, there are awesome services which care about people who experience uncertainties in life. Meet an Inmate is one of them. This is an online dating platform to connect inmates currently based in correctional facilities, and […]

YeeCall review: a great app for work and pleasant interactions

YeeCall is a new application that allows users who live in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, USA, UK and many other countries to interact without any meaningless commercials. YeeCall is a modern application that provides multiple features to users all over the globe. The main […]

WeChat review: interact with friends and strangers

Over the past ten years, the global online deiting market has grown almost sixfold. At the same time, users’ ideas about online dating have changed. They are no longer perceived as the fate of the desperate, and the number of couples who came together thanks to the Internet is growing every year. The number of […]

How to Satisfy Intimate Desires during the Quarantine if you Live Alone

Many people joke that the number of pregnancies is going to increase during a quarantine. Although it’s a funny story, the most famous condom producer – Contex – has announced that the world is going to face a lack of condoms. Why? Everything is obvious. People are self-isolated in houses. They spend whole days together. […]