Review: Indian singles are waiting was founded for singles who are desperate to find a life partner. Online dating is a modern way to find new and interesting individuals who do not necessarily live in your city or even country. web platform positioned as a place that helps create Native American couples across the world. To use the service will be enough for you to have a profile on one of the most popular social networks – Facebook. Unlike men, women are not required to verify their profiles. and its story was developed as a closed community to find young urban Indian professionals who live around the world but have not yet met their soulmate. This dating platform also has a mobile application. Since app users undergo a careful and thorough review before approval, there are not as many participants as Tinder, for example. Today, the user base has more than 50,000 approved pages.

This site began to introduce and unite single people in India in 2014. The application was created for those Internet dating users who are not ready to marry immediately, but who are not looking for a relationship for one night.

Is it useful?

The dating site is a closed group for single Indian people. If you are an interested candidate for registration in this application, then our review will tell you how the application for registration is being submitted. All submitted applications are reviewed, supervised by the site moderators, and approved or rejected. Even if you are not in India, but anywhere in the world, but you are over 21, your Indian nationality, you have a Facebook account and want to meet the same lonely Indians as you do – fill out an application on the site and wait for approval of your candidacy.

Registration on the site

You can use your Facebook account to register on the site. But that is not enough. You need to fill out the registration form. In the application, you will be asked to indicate your height and weight. To complete the sign-up process, you will use a sliding scale where you choose the preferences of cinema, theater, music, pets, as well as the presence of piercings or tattoos. Here you can also write about your work and even indicate what your monthly income is. The application also contains sections related to your preferences in food, your favorite music, and books; you can talk about your travels, bad habits, and lifestyle. In the future, this information will be used to find a partner.

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