Meet an Inmate Review: Multifunctional platform for dating

We often forget about special groups of individuals, disregard their specific needs, and are oriented for a broad audience. Nonetheless, there are awesome services which care about people who experience uncertainties in life. Meet an Inmate is one of them. This is an online dating platform to connect inmates currently based in correctional facilities, and looking for a communication opportunity outside these facilities. This service gives a unique opportunity to find an online mate to build a friendship, romantic relationships, or even real families.

Meet an Inmate is one of the most recognized services for incarcerated individuals, which carries on its social mission since 1998. It is not a modern digital website, rather a social project helping thousand males and females in correctional facilities to exercise their rights to communication, and many of them have changed their lives dramatically due to finding an online mate. Meet an Inmate is not a dating platform, and all the communication is done here by means of snail mail. It means that you have to be ready to write handwritten letters and wait for a reply maybe even longer than a week. It is extremely hard to meet someone you have met as a pen pal in person due to the correction facilities rules. Furthermore, the inmates you are talking to may be located in a different state. However, some people still manage to bring their relationship to the next level, meet, and even have romantic relationships. Nevertheless, this is not the purpose of Meet an Inmate.

How to use the platform

Meet an Inmate, which operates through the corporate website. It is hard to call this website robust and well designed, but it still looks straightforward. It doesn’t have aggressive colors in its theme or overloaded with pictures, hyperlinks, or videos. It has minimum media content, but very clear messages delivered on the main page and easy to navigate through. Meet an Inmate is not represented as an app. Nontheless, everyone, who prefers to use the smartphone or tablet over the PC, can freely enjoy mobile web browser options. The registration process is not complicated, but still, it may take some time to complete the full application as it is quite long. Moreover, the application on Meet an Inmate is a subject to scrutinized moderation, and it required attentiveness and honesty.

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