Fruzo Review: Dating with no boundaries

The world is accelerating. The communication will not remain the same as it was just a few years ago. Fruzo is a dating application developed to speed up communication and bring it to the next level. It is not about texting anymore; Fruzo replaced long read messages with the cam-to-cam format to feel some live emotions. It can be used both as a social media platform and a dating application. It helps discover and connect millions of people around the world and shows that there are no limits or boundaries to love and friendship. 

Popularity of the platform

Fruzo is quite popular in social media and often compared to Tinder, but with the ability of face-to-face interaction. Its application was highly rated, and people like it because on the contrary to location-based dating application, Fruzo doesn’t have any territory limitation, and you can meet a person from any part of the world. Users also like this service due to cultural diversity. Fruzo welcomes everyone, who has turned 18 years old, but it is popular mostly among users from 25 to 44 years old. It also offers an equal representation of men and women. The statistic demonstrates that 45% female and 55% male users enjoy dating online, which means that almost everyone can find a match among 5,5 million of registered members.

Fruzo has a lot of positive responses and success stories. Members describe it a relaxing place to have some fun and leisure. They enjoy meeting individuals from other cultures and even start some serious relationships with them. 

Fruzo and its usability

Fruzo is represented as a very robust site. It has also founded the app for iOS in 2016, and Android users got it one year later. The app is free to download and has no differences in its functionality. The application gives more freedom, but if you cannot download, it is easy to stay mobile and use the mobile web version. The website and application design look very modern and updated. Fruzo’s theme is blue, which is associated with calmness and relaxation; therefore, it reflects on the quality of time spent chatting online. Moreover, Fruzo is very user-friendly and intuitive; even a user with low-technical skill will get around easily with no complications.

The sign-up process doesn’t require any extra efforts or special knowledge. It is easy and takes minimum time. The whole procedure takes about 10 minutes.

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