YeeCall review: a great app for work and pleasant interactions

YeeCall is a new application that allows users who live in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, USA, UK and many other countries to interact without any meaningless commercials.

YeeCall is a modern application that provides multiple features to users all over the globe. The main of them are below.

  • YeeCall provides free calls to users around the world;
  • You can communicate with friends and family despite your location and your Internet connection;
  • High-quality video and voice calls;
  • The Crystal Clear Voice feature allows you to easily hear the clear sound from the other side;
  • No blurring or any delay during the video call;
  • More than 30,000,000 users of the YeeCall are amazed by the high quality video and voice calls.

The YeeCall app has created an Unlocked Video and Voice Calls feature. You won’t have to worry that you can’t use video calls in any country. Unlocked in all countries from Egypt to the USA. Video calls are of excellent quality.

Stable connection and encryption

No more throwing away calls or at her moments that can annoy you. Encryption of video calls and voice calls automatically allows you to share your secrets. Keep your secret from others and tell your friends everything you want.

Free and unlimited messages for everyone

This application allows users to send hundreds of free stickers and funny GIF to make their interactions much funnier.

It’s easy to share videos and take selfies and photos.

Record songs or voice messages for your loved ones who live in another city or country.

It’s also possible to send video message to family and friends. Share your moments that they can see, hear and feel at any time.

There is a group talk feature on this user-friendly application. It makes all your relatives and friends stay in touch anytime and anywhere. With this top-quality feature you can create a new group with friends, family, teammates or employees up to 200 people. The app allows members to send free and interesting messages you want to share instantly. What’s more, this feature is great if you want to start free and stable voice and video calls with up to 20 group members. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you live near others or if they are located somewhere else.

Most of the features are available for free. Yet, it’s possible to purchase a premium subscription to get more options of the YeeCall app.

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