Reasons why a person doesn’t call you

You think the meeting went great and there was definitely a spark between you. But the day passes, the second, third, and the person does not call, write and do not show himself. Here are a few reasons why this happens.

1. A person has a very busy life

Deadline at work, health problems, a long trip – it takes time of your new friend (or acquaintance). If a person has a favorite pastime, hobbies, family and friends, it can be difficult to find time and energy for correspondence or a meeting. And this is not always a bad thing: people who live a busy life are less inclined to make a cult out of the relationship, to organize dramas and fall into dependence on a partner.

2. He or she does not want to impose himself or herself

For example, a person has decided that the date did not go well and you are not interested in continuing the relationship. This can happen if, for example:

You behaved shy, distracted, did not support the conversation.

The person has low self-esteem, and it seems that no one likes him at all.

He is afraid to be rejected (and for some reason: scientists believe that social rejection of our brain perceives almost as a real physical pain).

And the person may also think that the first step should be taken by you. Especially if you are talking about a woman. Our mothers and grandmothers (supported by romantic comedies and glossy magazines) have been telling us for many years that the initiative should be taken by a man, and that it is unwise at best to write to a woman first, and at worst it is completely indecent.

3. He or she does not need a relationship

Not everyone dreams of a family or a permanent partner. Some people go on dates to find a once-in-a-lifetime pass or just to spend Friday night in pleasant company. And there are also those who are excited about flirting by itself, and everything that can follow it is not so interesting. If the new passion doesn’t write or call you after the meeting, maybe she doesn’t really want a relationship at all.

4. The person was just polite

You only think that the date went well and there was “chemistry” between you and your friend. From his own bell tower everything is not so bright: maybe he just masterfully “held his face” and was afraid to show what he felt, so as not to offend you. In fact, he did not really like you.

But if you are sure that you have not done and said anything offensive, do not even think to blame yourself for the behavior of another person. People may not coincide in their sympathies, and this is normal.

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