6 Tips On How To Figure Out Whether You Are Chatting With A Weirdo

Video chatting, people want to get vivid and unforgettable emotions. Communication with cheerful strangers, positive impressions, acquaintances with interesting girls and guys from across the world – people expect that entering video chat rooms. However, sometimes it is possible to meet strangers who act aggressively or strangely and even spoil your mood with their actions. There is no need to be worried about that; you are able to skip such people in one click and start video chatting with pleasant strangers leaving the previous situation behind.

It’s not always possible to understand whether you are chatting with a normal person or a weirdo. These people can also look nice, be friendly and charming, however, there are some tips which may help you avoid unpleasant conversation with a creep you’ve met in random chat.

Avoiding Unpleasant Conversations

Obviously, it is not that simple to identify a creep the moment you start video chatting with one or another person, however it’s worth taking into account some distinctive features of weird people you can meet in chatroulette in order to avoid unpleasant conversations with them:

  1. A person you are video chatting with has a weird reaction to what is happening, he/she acts unpredictably, uses lots of buzzwords and can’t keep a normal conversation going.
  2. A stranger who looks weird and even frightening. This person may even look like a serial killer. Such people talk in a low voice, always make eye contact, smile weirdly and try to find out as much information about your as possible, including your phone number and home address.
  3. An overly aggressive person who can’t keep an easy conversation going. His/her responses are always impolite and rude. Never give such person your email or phone number, since he/she can send your hundreds of angry messages if you don’t respond or not willing to continue your communication.
  4. A person you are video chatting with discriminates against others – women, people of different nationalities, older people, etc. Such behavior should alert you right away; don’t think a person who makes sexist, racist or homophobic jokes will treat you with respect in the future.
  5. A stranger you’re talking to tells you lots of weird compliments which make you uncomfortable, as well as start talking on topics you wouldn’t like to discuss being aware of the fact they will make you feel out of place.
  6. A person you’re video chatting with doesn’t take “no” for an answer. If you don’t want to give your phone number or go on a date right after your first conversation, the person freaks out or grills about your rejection.

All the above mentioned features may help you identify a creep you wouldn’t like to communicate with in real life. It’s suggested you to trust your intuition, try to interpret other person’s emotions, as well as stop chatting with a person who makes you uncomfortable right away, and search for a pleasant, friendly companion.

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