PerfectMatch review

PerfectMatch international dating site was launched in 2003. The platform is a well-known and popular international dating site, but still inferior to most popular dating site not only in USA, but all over the world – eHarmony.

Countries-participants of

You can meet people from any country. The main page of the site is focused on acquaintances with inhabitants of the USA and Canada. However, you can choose any other country by clicking on “Outside the US or Canada?”.

PerfectMatch offers dating by category. From the wide variety of categories, everyone will find something close to them. We offer the following age categories: after 30, 40, 50, 60 years old. Other categories: professional dating, divorce dating, military dating, animal dating, dog dating, horse dating, vegetarian dating, liberal dating, democrat dating, conservative dating and more. 


At the heart of the partner search is the Duet partner selection system. This system analyzes a person’s personality, taking into account such factors as individuality, values and ideals of life and spheres of personal relations, and on the basis of the obtained results selects the most “close” and compatible people. It is this system that allows PerfectMatch to enable users looking for a serious relationship or marriage to find each other.

The system of revealing unique characteristics of the person for search of partners PerfectMatch reminds the scientifically developed technique of comparison of personalities used by a site eHarmony. As noted on, its difference from eHarmony is that the site not only offers users the most suitable people for them, but also allows them to search and view profiles of other site users themselves.

However, if you look at the fact that even the simplest dating and social networking site can offer people to search for and view profiles of any user, this feature of PerfectMatch is not a big advantage over other sites. But if you are the kind of person for whom this is a must-have feature, PerfectMatch is your choice. 


If you decide to become a full-fledged user of the site, and for this you need to make a subscription. You can subscribe for only one month, at the moment there is a special offer: if you subscribe for one month – the second one is free. Credit cards are accepted to pay for the services of the site, which is absolutely safe and secure, because all your personal data is classified and not disclosed. 

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