Men’s typology on dating sites

All users of dating sites can be divided into types and subtypes. We think that everyone who uses such services has its own typology. Today we will tell you about the main types of male dating in the world of virtual dating.


Talker comes to a dating site not to build a relationship, but to kill time. Recognize the chatterbox is simple enough: he is always in touch, ready at any time to support the conversation at the same time does not matter the subject of the conversation. On each topic he has a million life stories, which he is ready to share with you immediately. When chatting with a chatterbox, be prepared that no further conversations will take place.


The next type of men on dating sites is lovelace, his main goal is to capture in their networks as many girls and meet their sexual needs. Lovelace is not inclined to have long conversations, and after exchanging a couple of messages will immediately invite you to visit. If your goal is to find a partner for the night, and if you come looking for a serious relationship, then you should stay away from the lovelace.


Entering into correspondence with the joker, you will be constantly bombarded by his wit.  He jokes all the time and thinks he’s a god of humor. His jokes may be inappropriate and even offensive, and it will not be possible to lead him to a serious conversation. Often behind this manner of communication hides a person with communication problems, and this is a way to hide their uncertainty. The best tactics for communicating with such a person is to beat him with a weapon.


It’s a star descended to mere mortals. He speaks arrogantly, emphasizing his own importance. Constantly busy, may not answer your messages for days, and then continue the dialogue as if nothing had happened. You can recognize celebrities before you even talk. Pay attention to his photos and the story about himself, if there are expensive cars and quotes about his successes, before you a representative of this type.


We’ve already written about scammers and ways to protect ourselves. Now let’s talk about how to recognize a cheater in correspondence. At first, everything may look normal, you may even think at some point that “this is it”. But then he’ll start telling you how bad it is, and the personal meeting will be constantly postponed. Once again, we recommend that you turn your brain on and look at things rationally.

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