How to determine a scammer while dating online

The number of victims of fraudsters in the field of online dating is increasing, and annually the total amount of money losses is calculated in millions of dollars.  Deception schemes are also improving, and now instead of simply sending phishing emails cybercriminals are increasingly implementing long-term scenarios.

If you are a frequenter of Internet dating services, and suddenly your conversation partner has one or more criteria, discussed later in this article, you should at least be wary.

Target audience of online dating fraudsters

Typically, attackers target people from different demographic groups and on all possible platforms.  Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, return, preferred site and so on. No one is immune to this kind of fraud.

However, there is a tendency for pensioners to be caught in the act more often, as well as those who tend to be more receptive or rarely visit people.

Moreover, with the growing popularity of mobile applications for online dating, the number of potential targets is also increasing, and many stages of the process of luring victims are automated with the help of bots.

Signs of fraud while dating on the Internet 

1. Specific profile 

When you examine the profile of your conversation partner, there are a few signs that you should pay special attention to:

  • Very few photos, or there are photos with glamorous or model like appearance.
  • The person you are talking to is looking for contacts in your area, but lives in another country.
  • Many abusers claim to be on military service in another country. 

2. An attempt to move the communication to another place 

An online dating scammer will quickly offer to transfer communication outside the site where you met.

Often, cybercriminals prefer to communicate via text messages on Skype or Facebook. However, it is possible to use SMS or messenger.

Be careful with people you don’t know in real life, who want to communicate on another platform.

3. This person expresses feelings quickly 

Fraudsters have a tendency to move quickly to emotional conversation.  After a short period of time, such people may confess love or deep affection.

This trick is part of the manipulation of emotions, often used by attackers while dating on the Internet, and that’s why susceptible people who lead a secluded lifestyle are especially coveted goals because they crave new connections.

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