Zoom is the best Video Chat for Online Tutorials

The majority of tutors used to choose Skype for arranging online tutorials and lessons. Still, there are other, quite convenient, and easy-to-use video chats. Zoom is one of them.

What is Zoom?

  1. Zoom is an online video chat that is mainly used for making remote conferences and meetings. However, it is also perfect for online tutoring. The online platform is often chosen by teachers and tutors during distance studying with students.
  2. If you have an account, you can arrange online conferences. It is not necessary to have an account for all participants; an organizer is the only user who should be registered on the platform.
  3. A free version of the cam chat allows broadcasting conferences for 40 minutes. Then, you’re automatically disconnected. You can either re-create the conference or buy a premium subscription.
  4. Pay just $15 per month and get access to additional functions, unlimited broadcasting period, and the possibility to create conferences with up to 100 users at a time.
  5. It is possible to use either a computer or a smartphone/laptop/tablet for connecting a conference in the video chat.


  • A high level of connection. Many users prove that the online chat works without failures.
  • The ability to control your audience. The organizer has the right to limit participants in their actions, switch on/off microphones, cameras, etc.
  • Some participants may enter the conference with a view-only right.
  • It is possible to display not only the video from the camera but also screenshots or images. Screensharing is a useful function for tutors.
  • The video chat is equipped with a built-in interactive board. Thus, it is possible to switch over a video to a board and vice versa. This function is very convenient for educational purposes.
  • It is possible to use messengers while conferences, send documents or files to one or several participants.
  • You can choose a virtual background if you want to hide your interior.
  • The organizer can save conferences. The record can be stored either on a computer or in cloud storage.
  • It is possible to appoint a co-organizer who will have the same rights as the organizer does.

Zoom is the perfect online video chat for arranging tutorials. The cam chat allows making either individual or group classes. It is equipped with all the necessary tools that a tutor may need while an educational process. It will make their work easier and more convenient.

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