10 Signs that Tell you that your Interlocutor in a Video Chat Likes you

Many users visit random chats for dating. They hope to find a pleasant interlocutor or even a soulmate. Many of them develop their online communication into a real relationship. But how to understand that your interlocutor likes you? Apart from words, we use non-verbal communication. Our body language can not lie. Thus, if you want to find out your interlocutor’s true intentions, pay attention to his/her gestures, mimics, voice, and poses.

  1. The facial expressions of a man are more “lively” and expressive than usual ones. This is because of the desire to stand out and attract attention. Such a man hears every word and reflects all emotions on his face while communication. His eyebrows are raised, and pupils are dilated. He smiles frequently.
  2. When having a conversation with a pretty woman, a man will use open poses (he does not cross hands or legs), touch his hair or face. Touching hair in combination with lowered eyes means embarrassment. He may also shake off his clothes.
  3. If he frequently moves closer to a screen, it means that he likes you and tries to get to your comfort zone.
  4. He tries to make you laugh, tells funny stories and jokes. This way, a man wants to defuse the situation and raise your mood.
  5. He loves listening to you and learning new facts about you and your life. He wants to know everything about you.
  6. He wishes you “Good night” and “Good morning”. A man demonstrates his care and attention by connecting you in the morning and evening
  7. If a man likes you, his eyes will clearly show it. At the beginning of dating, he will try to avoid direct eye contact with an interlocutor, as he is embarrassed. As your communication develops, he will carefully look at you paying particular attention to intimate parts of the body. Thus, he dreams of close private relations with you.
  8. If it is not your first date in a cam chat, pay attention to his clothes. It is likely that a man will be well dressed. A man will desire to look pretty and tidy to show a woman that he deserves her.
  9. Pay attention to the tone of his voice. His speech will be of the average pace, rising tone patterns will dominate. However, he can chatter if he feels embarrassed.
  10. Men also use flirt. Although it is not the same as for women. Male flirting is usually a delicate smile in combination with eye contact or staring at intimate parts of a woman’s body.

Men try to hide these features but frequently at least some of them appear, as it is impossible to control the whole body.

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