My First Experience of Communication on Cam Chats

It was a gloomy autumn evening. I quarreled with my husband, and my mood was very bad. I stayed at home alone was upset. I deiced to chat a bit in random video chats to distract from the problem and have some fun. I started a conversation in an online chat with a pleasant intelligent man. He was very polite and thoughtful. He noticed that I was broken and asked what bothered me. I didn’t want to tell tales out of school and bore my interlocutor with my problem, but he insisted. He saw that I needed to speak out and share my thoughts with someone. Finally, this was my real reason to visit a random chat for dating.

Well, I explained my problem. He was sensitive and helped me to find the right way out. We discussed my situation, and I realized the key points of our misunderstanding with the husband. I was grateful to him, and we continued our communication. It happened that we lived in one city. We discussed different topics, and in the course of our dialogue, I found out that he was married, had two children. He was an incredible man. I had the feeling that I hadn’t been satisfied with communication so much ever in my life. It was like falling in love with pleasant communication with a stranger. Yes, I didn’t treat him like a sexual object, but I loved the way our conversation developed. We talked for hours and topics were found themselves. As we found out that we lived in one town, we decided to meet each other in real life.

Our offline date was pleasant and cheerful. We walked and chatted. We were like friends that supported each other. He asked me for some advice when he had a misunderstanding in his family and I helped him. He helped me in return. We did not have any physical excitement; we were excited about communication with each other. Sometimes we joked that we found each other and we are true soul mates.

Some time passed, and our friendship became even stronger. My life with my husband changed drastically to a better side, his family life was also good. Now, we are friends of both families. And I am so grateful to that quarrel that I met this man who became my bosom friend. Now I feel that no friend in my life has been so close to me like this man.

What I want to say is that sometimes it is quite useful to chat in random online chats. You do not know who will be your next interlocutor but there is a probability that you may find a pleasant user or a person who will help you solve some problems. Dating in cam chats is also exciting and unexpected.

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